Jual Lutron PH-220S Soil PH Tester

Jual Lutron PH-220S Soil PH Tester Lutron PH-220S Soil pH Meter

Jual Lutron PH-220S Soil pH Tester

Product Description :

Lutron PH-220S Soil pH Meter adalah alat yang ideal untuk mengukur pH dalam tanah.

Complete set with separate soil spear tip pH electrode
pH4 and pH7 Standard buffer solution
Auto Temperature Calibration
IP65 Water Proof
Spear Tip Probe is Ideal for measuring pH in Soil, Meats, Cheese

Meter Range: 0 to 14pH

Resolution: 0.01 ph

+/- 0.2 pH (pH1 to pH3.9, pH10.1 to pH13)
+/- 0.1 pH (pH4 to pH4.9, pH9.1 to pH10)
+/- 0.07pH (pH5 to pH9)

Sampling Time: Approx 0.8 Second

Weight and Dimensions: 220g. 180x40x32mm

Jual Lutron PH-220S Soil PH Tester

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