Jual PCE-228M Digital pH meter

Darmatek PCE-228M Digital pH meter

Handling device for pH measurement of food such as sausage, meat, cheese, etc …

The PCE-228M pH meter is an easy to use handheld device for measuring pH in the food sector. Both pH and temperature values are easily viewed thanks to its large LCD display. Temperature compensation can be manually or automatically performed. When automatically, this is carried out by means of a noble steel temperature sensor included in the delivery. This allows for an accurate pH measurement in food such as meat, sausage, cheese ...

The PCE- 228M pH meter has two calibration points, which can be done manually with two trimmer on the side of the device, protected under a cover. The PCE- 228 M pH meter is powered by a 9V battery which is included in the delivery. The PCE-228 M pH meter is very useful to perform sporadic pH measurements. At this link you will find a pH meter with a solid and water resistant case.
It includes a pH electrode with a steel blade and a steel temperatura sensor.
- Good value for money
- High accuracy
- Manual calibration
- It measures the pH value and the temperature
- Automatic temperatura compensation ( with a temperatura sensor)
- BNC connection
View or print user’ s manual of the
PCE-228 M pH meter.

Specifications PCE-228M:

Measurement ranges
0.00 ... 14.00 pH
0.0 ... 100.0 ° C ( only with temperature sensor)
0.01 pH
0.1 ° C
Accuracy ( at 20° C)
± 0.02 pH
± 0.5 ° C
Two points calibration temperature
Temperature compensation
Automatic between 0 ... 65° C or manual between 0 and 100° C without the temperature sensor
pH CPC-OSH-12-01 electrode with steel blade, 1m cable and BNC plug
9 V battery
Operating conditions
0 ... 50 ° C má x. 80 % H.r.
195 x 68 x 30 mm
250 g

Delivery contents:

1 PCE-228 M pH meter, 1 CPC-OSH-12-01 electrode, 1 temperature sensor and user’ s manual.
The battery is not included!
- Replacement pH electrode type CPC-OSH-12-01
- Calibration solutions
- Electrode preservation solution


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