Jual AZ 87786 WBGT Heat Index Data Logger AZ Instrument

Jual AZ 87786 WBGT Heat Index Data Logger AZ 87786 WBGT Meter

Jual AZ 87786 WBGT Heat Index Data Logger AZ Instrument Original AZ Instrument, Taiwan Hub. WA : 081932632003 harga OKE.
Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) adalah sebuah model yang digunakan untuk memperkirakan efek suhu udara, kelembaban udara, kecepatan angin, dan radiasi matahari terhadap manusia

Features :

* Simultaneously display WBGT, temperature & humidityv * Check Indoor/Outdoor WBGT, TA/TG & Humidity
* Plug & Play. Software and USB driver are not required
* Generate csv report without additional PC software
* Completely user re-programmable. 8 languages, sampling rate, start delay time and ID setting
* One button switch to check Air/ Globe temperature & In/Out WBGT
* Designed with capacitance type humidity sensor to get accurate and quick reading
* Backlight indicator function (Green,yellow, red, flashing red) as WBGT condition reminder
* Easy-to-read big LCD display with 6 dust proof rubber keys
* Clear sheath to protect humidity sensor during storage
* Filter to protect humidity sensor from dust scratch during operation
* 75 mm black metal ball to measure globe temperature
* Hold function, Max/Min function
* Battery low indicator & Sleep mode can be disabled
* Tripod receptacle design for long time use
* Audible beeper for danger zone warning
* Humidity self-calibration via salt bottles kit

Application :

The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is a composite temperature used to estimate the effect of temperature, humidity, wind speed and solar radiation on humans.

User could record and download the real time value of 87786 AZ Portable WBGT Recorder via mini USB cable to PC for data analysis. There is no need to install USB driver or software before operating logging function. It could be operated as the USB memory flash drive easily on PC. And there is a tripod hole on the bottle of 87786 AZ Portable WBGT Recorder. User could use the tripod to hold the device vertically for long term use. It could be applied for measuring the WBGT value

Jual AZ 87786 WBGT Heat Index Data Logger AZ Instrument

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