Jual DEKKO® DFG-8202 Function Generator 3dB to 2MHz

Darmatek Jual DEKKO® DFG-8202 Function Generator 3dB to 2MHz DEKKO DFG8202 2MHz Function Generator

Jual Dekko® DFG-8202 Function Generator Flatness +/- 3dB to 2MHz dengan harga murah di Darmatek jakarta selatan, Hubungi kami : 081283804273, WA : 081932632003 untuk pemesanan selama persediaan masih ada. sebelum order mohon dikonfirmasikan terlebih dahulu, Selamat Belanja.....

Function & Specification:

Output Characteristic

Waveforms: sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, sawtooth, TTL/CMOS leveled square, DC
Frequency range: 0.02Hz to 2MHz in 7 range (1,10,100,1K,10K,100K,1M)
Frequency accuracy:±5% of full scale
Output level:20Vp-p in open circuit, 10Vp-p into 50ohm Load
Output impedance:50 ohm +/- 5%
Attenuator: -20dB
Waveform Characteristics:Sine wave
Flatness : +/- 3dB to 2MHz
Distortion : less than 1% at 0.2Hz to 100KHz
Square wave Rise and fall time : less than 25nSec
Triangle wave:Linearity : more than 99% at 0.2 Hz to 100 kHz
TTL/CMOS output: Rise and fall time : less than 20nSec
TTL output level : H ; higher than 2.4V L ; lower than 0.4V
CMOS output level : 5 to 15V +/- 1V
Symmetry variation>1 :1 ~ 10 : 1
Sweep function characteristic
Width:1 :1 ~ 100 : 1
Rate:0.5Hz ~ 50Hz(20mSec ~ 2Sec)
External VCF input
Input voltage 0 to 10V
Input impedance : Approx. 10kohm
Frequency counter characteristic
Display 6digit green LED, gate time, MHz, kHz, Hz, mHz
Frequency range:200mHz ~ 50MHz
Accuracy:+/- Timebase Error +/- 1 Count
Input sensitivity:100mVrms
Time base:10MHz, X-Tal, 20PPM
Max. Input voltage:250Vrms

Power requirement:115V or 230 VAC +/- 10%, 48 to 66Hz
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C(Accuracy specified at 25 +/- 5 )
Dimension 240(W) X 270(D) X 95(H) mm
WeightApprox. 2.5 kg
Standard accessories Power Cord, BNC Cable, fuse, instruction manual

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