Jual Sanfix WT-8801 Combustible Gas Detector

Jual Sanfix WT-8801 Combustible Gas Detector Sanfix WT-8801 Combustible Gas

Jual Sanfix WT-8801 Combustible Gas Detector dengan harga rendah dan berkualitas. Hubungi Telp : +62.812.8380.4273/+62.857.7406.7221, WhatApp : +62.819.3263.2003 Untuk informasi harga dan pemesanan hanya di DAMATEK toko online jakarta selatan.

SANFIX WT-8801 Combustible Gas Detector

Combustible Gas Detector Sanfix WT-8801 adopts high-quality gas sensors, which displays safety and reliability with accuracte measurement and stable performance. It has excellent sensitivity and repeatablity, easy to use and maintain, and meets the requirements by safety monitoring in industrial site of the equipment.

The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastics and compound non-slip rubber, dust and exploison-proof, with high strength and smooth handfeel.
Combustible Gas Detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine, agricultural research, etc.

Features :

• Color screen display, user friendly interface
• Bilingual choices : Chinese/English
• Three alarm forms : sounds/light/vibration
• Data recording and review function, continuously record 120.000 data
• Charging function

Specification :

Combustible Gas measurement range : 0 – 100% LEL
Resolution : 0.1
Accuracy : ≤±5% FS
Response time (90%) : Less than 30 seconds
Indication mode : LCD displays real-time data and system state, LED, sound, vibration indication alarm
Operating conditions : Temperature : -20°C - 50°C | Humidity : <95 br="" non-condensing="" rh=""> Working voltage : DC 3.7V (Lithium battery capacity 1800mAh)
Charging time : 6 – 8 hours
Standby time : More than 8 hour on end (slightly change with working estate)
Dimension : 71 x 153 x 49mm

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