Jual Brannan 13/745/2 -- Whirling Hygrometer, Sling Psychrometer

Darmatek Brannan 13/745/2 whirling Hygrometer

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Brannan 13/745/2 -- Whirling Hygrometers are instruments for measuring the water content of the air in Percentage Relative Humidity (%RH). They can also be used to calculate the Dew Point when used with the relavent tables. We offer a selection of hygrometers including wet and dry bulb masons hygrometers, hair hygrometers and whirling hygrometers.

Whirling Hygrometers, also known as sling psychrometers or aspirated hygrometers, employ the "wet" and "dry" bulb principle to determine %RH. They are designed to be rotated by hand to provide adequate and constant ventilation of the bulbs.

Brannan 13/745/2 -- Whirling Hygrometer (Psychrometer) with Folding Handle
Whirling Hygromter for measuring Relative Humidity (%RH)
Thermometer tubes filled with environmentally friendly blue spirit
Complete witch carry case and caculator chart

Spesifikasi Whirling Hygrometer,Sling Psychrometer merk Brannan :

Size: 237mm x 143mm x 29mm
Tube Filling Range Product No
Mercury 0 + 50 ° C only 13/ 644/ 2
LO-tox™ Spirit 0 + 50 ° C only 13/ 745/ 2
With wet and dry bulb with fold away handle, supplied with humidity tables
Temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C/0.5 °C


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