Jual Sanko TY-30 Needle and Iron Piece Detector

Darmatek Jual Sanko TY-30 Needle and Iron Piece Detector Sanko TY-30 Needle/Iron Piece Detector

Jual Sanko TY-30 Needle and Iron Piece Detector

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Sanko Needle and Iron Piece Detector TY-30

Negara Asal: Jepang
Keterangan: Handy type

Handy and convenient to detect strayed needles in parts of clothes and in parts of clothes where there are no metallic buttons around.
TY-30 is of a wide- spot range switchable for efficient detections.

Applications :

Partial detection of strayed needles, broken needles, iron fragments in sewing clothes.
Iron-piece detection of strayed needles, nails in medical supplies and packages
Detection to remove hair-pins from medical articles, and deadly weapons for safety.

Specifications :

Alarm device : Lamp, buzzer
Detecting ability : Max. 3^ 4 cm with a setting pin
Detecting part :
TY-30: WIDE 9× 4 cm, SPOT 3× 3.5 cm
Power source : Dry battery ( R6P 1.5V) × 2
Weight and dimensions : TY-30 : 55( W) × 57( H) × 245( D) mm, 290g
* TY-30K is available for high sensitive detections.

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