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Jual Sirine LK JDW 245B Explotion Proof

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Sirine LK JDW 245B Explotion Proof  is a double-ended siren for horizontal mounting.
Powered by a three phase motor.
It is designed for roof or pole mounting. It can be used in:
Civil defence warning systems of major cities all over the world.
Fire or accident warning systems of oil field, gas station, gasoline station, oil storage, mines, power pant, nuclear power plant, chemical plant,
chemincal plant, etc.

Please specify the voltage when placing orders with us.

Sirine Explotion Proof LK JDW 245B, *Sound Rating: 119±2dB(A) @1M
*Electric Motor: 0.75Kw, 380/ AC, 50/60Hz, *IP Rating: IP55 Ex dll BT4
*Output Frequency: 500/560±20Hz, *Net Weight: 43Kg
*Packing Size: 50x35x45CM

Darmatek Online Shop menjual produk Sirine Explotion Proof LK JDW 245B  Double Sirine Untuk Pemasangan Horizontal Murah,berkualitas,terjamin mutu dan Original. Untuk informasi atau pemesanan Hubungi WA : 0819-3263-2003. Darmatek Tempat penjualan sirine anti ledak Taizhou China LK JDW 245 B di Jakarta.

Sound Rating: 119±2dB(A) @1M
Electric Motor: 0.75Kw, 380/ AC, 50/60Hz
IP Rating: IP55 Ex dll BT4
Output Frequency: 500/560±20Hz
Net Weight: 43Kg
Packing Size: 50x35x45CM


Jual Sirine LK JDW245B Darmatek

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