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Jual Bess Bollman H-DI 3.10 Grain Moisture Meter

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Article number: BB70302000

In addition to the features possessed by the H-DI 3.3 .
The H-DI 3.10 has temperature correction, an extended measuring range the capacity to measure building moisture content and FMPA approval.
And because of their high-precision measuring capacity, they are the perfect tool for all professionals who want rapid, precise measurement on site.
Comple with sliding hammer in suitcase.

Spesification Bess Bollman H-DI 3.10 :

Measuring Principle: Electrical resistance
Contacts: Sliding hammer with 60mm needles
Number of timber groups: 4
Range wood moisture: 4 - 100%
Building material groups: None, calculation by table
Range building moisture: 0 - 100%, calculation by table
Temp. measuring range: N / A
Temp. compensation: Yes, 0-80°C in 5 steps
Range rel. humidity: N / A
Measuring range dew point: N / A
Measuringrange EMC: N / A
Display: 3-digit
Measuring presicion: ±0,1
Wood Battery: 9V Compound battery
Self Test: Meter and battery
Data Hold ffunction: none
Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Weight: 220 Gram
Housing material: Shock-resistant plastic
Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 40 Other:
Complete with sliding hammer in suitcase


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