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Jual Honeywell T-675A, 1045 room Thermostat

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Jual Honeywell T-675A, 1045 room Thermostat

Deskripsi Honeywell T-675A, 1045:

Suitable for applications requiring temperature control of air or liquids where controller must be placed outside the sensing area.
Typical uses include control of dampers and valves in heating, cooling and heating-cooling systems.
Fast response models (available for use in return air duct) operate approximately four times faster than standard models.
Controller can be mounted in any position.
Ambient temperature compensation provides good temperature control.
Refer to T775 Electronic Remote Temperature Controller where more exact control is required and/or remote controller location is preferred.
T675A models with fixed differential have an electrical rating of 125 VA at 120/208/240 and 277 Vac.
T675B models have 125 VA pilot duty up to 277 Vac.
T678 models have a maximum connected load of 2000 VA.


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