Jual PCE 320 Climate Meter Heat Strees Thermohygrometer

Darmatek PCE 320 Heat Strees Thermohygrometer

PCE 320 Heat Strees Thermohygrometer/WBGT Meter

The PCE-320 Phsycrometer is an exceptional product at such a low price. With the PCE-320 psychrometer it is possible to measure climate conditions such as temperature and relative humidity as well as to determine the surface temperature of objects simultaneously by using an external temperature sensor ( included in the delivery) or an infrared measurement.

The PCE-320 psychrometer provides additional information relating to dew point ( dew point temperature) and the global humidity temperature. Measurement values can be directly seen on the device' s display; maximum and minimum values can be registered or transfer to a PC or portable computer for further analysis. It will allow for the prevention of fungus in food when being stored and during transportation. The PCE-320 psychrometer is also very useful in the construction industry. Customers frequently complain about not having a tool available that can measure ambient conditions and surface temperature of a wall both inside and outside.

The PCE-320 phsychrometer can also be used in the industrial sector and in product development. The device can either be verified in situ using an optional calibration kit or it can be sent away to be calibrated by an accreditted DIN ISO laboratory. We offer the possibility of ISO calibration from factory ( when the device is ordered or as an annual recalibration) . Here is another psychrometer that can also determine dew point and global humidity temperature.

Technical Specifications PCE 320 :

Measurement ranges(internal) - Temperature
Relative humidity
Temperature of globalhumidity
Dew point temperature( external) Temperature(Infrared) -20 ... + 60°C
10 ... 90 % H.r.-21, 6 ... + 60 ° C-68 ... + 60°C
depending on the sensor-50 ... + 500 ° C
Resolution Temperature
Relative humidity0.1 ° C0.1 % Accuracy( Internal) Temperature
Relative humidity
Wet bulb temperature
Dew point temperature( external) Temperature(Infrared) -50 ... -20 º C-20 ... 500 º C± 1.0 ° C± 3 % ± 1.0 ° C± 1.0 ° C± 1 % ± 1.0 ° C
± 5.0 ° C± 2.0 ° C o ± 2 % Response time < 4 sHumidity sensor type Resistance sensor
Software from Windows 98
Memory Maximum and minimum value
External temperature sensor
1m long hot wire sensor and many other available to order
Display multiple LCD for diplaying a variety of different readings
Power 1 x 9 V battery
Operating conditions -20 ... + 60 ° C / 0 ... 90 % H.r.Dimensions 257 x 76 x 53 mm
Weight 355 g


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