Jual Extech HD-350 A Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer

Darmatek Extech HD-350 A Pitot Tube Anemometer & Manometer

Extech HD-350 A Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer. 

Description :

Wind speed gauges are widely used in the fields of meteorology and geophysics. This tool is used to measure wind pressure which can be used to process weather forecasts and help data on certain calculations such as flight. 
The advantages of this tool are data speed and wind pressure that are obtained very accurately compared to other tools. This anemometer has a capacity of 1 to 80.00M / S. Anemometers are often used in industries, factories or workshops.

Fitur :

    Simultaneous display of Pressure, Air Velocity or Air FlowplusTemperature
    +/- 0.7252psi range
    5 selectable units ofpressure measurement
    Max/Min/Avg recording and Relative timestamp
    Data Hold and Auto power off functions
    Large LC D displaywithbacklighting
    Zero function for offset correctionormeasurement
    Store/Recall up to 99 readings in ea ch mode
    USBport includes software
    Includes Windows® comp atible softwarewithcable, 9V battery, pitot tube with two 33.5” (85cm) connectionhoses,and hard carrying case

Spesifikasi :

    Model : Extech HD-350
    Type : Anemometer & Differential Manometer
    Display : Digital
    Air Velocity : 1 to 80.00M/S
    Temperature Range : 32. 0 to 122.0 Deg.F ( Deg.C 0 to50 Deg.C)
    Batteries : 9V battery
    Resolution : 0.01 M/S
    Accuracy : +/- 0.3% Rdg
    Weight (Kg) : 0.34
    Dimension : 210 x 75 x 50 MM
    CE Approval : Yes

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