Jual PCE GA-70 CO2 Air Quality Meter

Darmatek PCE GA-70 CO2 Air Quality Meter

Jual PCE GA-70 Air Quality Meter
Measures CO2 ( carbon dioxide) , temperature and humidity

PCE-GA 70 air quality meter is an exceptional handheld device that measures and checks air quality, and the content of carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature of interiors. This air quality meter is ideal for heating, air and climatology professionals that need this device for detecting air quality indoors, for testing air ventilation systems in schools, offices, factories and hospitals. The PCE-GA 70 air quality meter uses a sensor to define the content of carbon dioxide, air temperature and relative humidity. It can store more than 20, 000 readings with a time stamp allowing to transfer data to a computer.

The sensors used for testing air quality are the subject of other requirements, different to the requirements for industrial or scientific laboratory use. As such, we give priority to the properties of the sensor such as durability, low level maintenance and low energy consumption.
The PCE-GA 70 air quality meter meets certain requirements with its NDIR sensor. The measurement of non-dispersed infrared ( NDIR) measures accurately and has a measurement range of up to 6000 ppm. A new method of measurement ( mentioned here) is developed for the analysis of air quality: the source of infrared is controlled by a brief pulse of radiation that minimises the consumption of energy. The pyro-electric detector is designed and adapted to allow the analysis of the impulse, such as a functioning pulse like that of a conventional chopper.

Features :

Large CO2 measurement range up to 6000 ppm
Triple LCD for CO2, relative humidity and air temperature
The NDIR sensor for CO2 is maintenance free
Automatic and manual data storage for up to 20, 000 readings
Data Hold and memory for minimum and maximum values
Stored values can be read on the display
Alarm and time settings
RS-232 port with software included
Backlit display
Safe and easy to use

Technical Specifications :

Measurement range for CO2 : 0 to 6000 ppm CO2
Accuracy : ± 3% of reading or ± 50 ppm
Resolution : 1 ppm
Temperature : -20 to 60º C
Accuracy : ± 0.5º C
Resolution : 0.1º C
Air humidity : 10 to 95% r.h.
Accuracy : ± 3% r.h.
Resolution : 0.1% r.h.
Manual memory : 99 readings
Automatic memory : 20, 000 readings
Operating conditions : 5 to 50º C/ 10 to 95% r.h.
Power : 6 x 1.5 V batteries
Dimensions : 148 x 72 x 35 mm
Weight : 255 g

Delivery content:

1 x PCE-GA 70 air quality meter, 6 x batteries, 1 x mains adaptor, 1 x software, 1 x RS-232 cable, 1 x carrying case and user manual


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