Jual Lodestar TH-2821B LCR Meter

Darmatek Lodestar TH-2821B LCR Meter

TH-2821B : Portable LCR Meter ( Lodestar )

LCR meter TH-2821B is the first portable LCR meter with MPU control in China. It can measure following six parameter : L, C, R, Z, D and Q with 0.3% basic accuracy, 3 meas/ sec measurement rate and suitable 4 Bins comparator. The use of complete 4-terminal measurement makes it possible for accurate low disspation capacitor measurement with a portable meter. This portable meter can be used instead of a general purpose low frequency LCR meter with its good performance. With the battery and external power supply, TH2821 is ideal for field and portable applications such as fixed place component inspection and immediate measurement by buyers and maintenance personnel.

Features Lodestar TH-2821B :

Portable LCR Meter
Large LCD display
0.3% basic accuracy , resolution: 0.01%
Primary and secondary parameter dual display
100Hz, 120Hz and 1KHz test frequencies
Complete four-terminal measurement
Auto Power Off function
Battery and external power supply
Sweep frequency correction function
4 bins comparator
Portable flexibility & desk meter' s performance

Specifications Lodestar TH-2821B :

Test parameter : L-Q, C-D, R-Q, | Z| -Q
Test Frequency : TH2821B 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz
Test Level : 0.3Vrms( 1 ± 10% )
Basic Accuracy : 0.3%
Measuring Speed : Approx 3 meas/ sec
Equivalent Circuit : Series and Parallel

Measuring Range:

C 0.01pF — 9999¼ F
L 0.01¼ H — 9999H
| Z| , R 0.0001© — 99.999M©
D, Q 0.0001 — 9.9999
” % -999.99% — 999.99%
Ranging Mode Auto and Hold


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