Jual Extech MO-210 Pocket Digital Moisture Meter

Darmatek Jual Extech MO-210 Pocket Moisture Meter Extech MO-210 Pocket Moisture Meter

Description Extech MO-210 :

The MO-210 Pocket Digital Moisture Meter is designed to measure the amount of moisture within wood and other materials that are used in building. The range in type of materials that the meter can be used on is large and can include materials; such as, cardboard, paper, plastic, sheet rock, concrete, wall board and mortar. The meter range for wood is 6 to 44% and with other building materials is 0.2 to 2.4%.

The large dual digital LCD measurement scale and the analogue bar graph metering lets users monitor the different moisture levels in the chosen materials with ease and the built in battery check, as well as the measurement verification test will help to ensure that users always receive accurate readings.

The MO-2010 Pocket Moisture Meter is housed in impact proof plastic, which means that it is safely protected, in the case of the meter ever being dropped by mistake. The meter also has an auto power off function, which ensures that the battery life is conserved if the meter is not in use. This power off function will kick in automatically after approximately fifteen minutes but can be disabled according to the preferences of the user. The moisture meter comes complete with a protective cap and three CR-2032 button batteries, as well as a pouch.

The MO-210 meter includes integrated threaded measurement electrode pins, which are replaceable and are each 8 mm in length. The dimensions of the moisture meter are 130 x 40 x 25 mm and it weighs in at 100 g, which means that users can keep the moisture meter inside a pocket, or alternatively the meter also has a belt clip, so can be worn on a belt too, depending on user preference.

Key Features of the Extech MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter :

*Use on wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar
*Replaceable threaded measurement electrode pins
*Self-contained, pocket sized meter with belt clip

Full List of Products Included :
Protective Cap
Replacement Pins
3 x CR-2032 Button Batteries


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