Jual Extech EX-210, 8 Function Mini Digital Multimeter with IR Thermometer

Darmatek Extech EX-210 Mini Multimeter with IR

Extech EX210, 8 Function Mini Digital Multimeter with IR Thermometer

*Performs 8 different functions
*Can measure current as low as 0.1µA
*Test leads and battery included


The thermometer that is included in the Extech EX210: 8 Function Mini Digital MultiMeter with IR Thermometer has been fitted with a laser pointer device that is used for locating hot spots in the area being tested, and this DMM can also detect and measure AC/DC voltage levels, levels of AC/DC current, continuity and diode signals and resistance. The included low current measuring device of the Extech EX210 has the capabilities to measure as low as 0.1µA.

The results that are taken by the EX120 are transmitted straight to the large 2000-count dual LCD display. The screen is also backlit, for times when you have to work in a poorly-lit environment. For your complete safety, particular in these difficult circumstances, input fuse protection has also been included, as well as each of the included test leads being fully insulated.

Finishing of this EX120 voltage detector kit are some very handy extra functions and accessories, including a maximum, minimum and data hold which records the measurements that have been taken, as well as an automatic power off ability once you haven’t used the digital multimeter for a significant period of time. Test leads are also included in this kit, as well as a 9V battery that can be recharged.

Features Extech EX210, 8 Function Mini Digital Multimeter with IR Thermometer:

Built-in IR Thermometer with laser pointer for locating hot spots (4:1 Distance to Target Ratio)
AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Temperature (IR), Continuity / Diode
2000 count large backlit dual LCD with easy-to read digits
Low current capability measure down to 0.1°A
Max Hold, Data Hold and Auto power off
Input fuse protection

Full List of Products Included :

Extech EX210 8 Function Mini Digital Multimeter with IR Thermometer
Test Leads
9V Battery

Specifications Extech EX-210:

AC Voltage
0.1mV to 600V
DC Voltage
0.1mV to 600V
Basic Accuracy (VDC)
AC Current
0.1μA to 10A
DC Current
0.1μA to 10A
0.1Ω to 20MΩ
Temperature (IR)
-5 to 446°F (-20 to 230°C)
5.8x2.9x1.6" (147x76x42mm)
9.17oz (260g)

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