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Jual BES Bollmann Combo 200B

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Article number: BB70606000

Special features of the Combo 200 are the measurement values memory, clock, calender and serial interface. This means that specific calibration curves and the statistics for a particular drying procedure can be recorded. Together with the accompanying software it is possible to interpret re-recorded data and prepare statistics relating to the progress of the drying procedure. Complete with building material set including Double needle probe, pin probes, brush probes, PC software and carrying case,

Spesification :

Measuring Principle: Electrical resistance
Contacts: Double needle probe and pin probes with needles, brush probes
Number of timber groups: 4
Range wood moisture: 4 - 120%
Building material groups: 9
Range building moisture: 0,2 - 36%
Temp. measuring range: -10 - 110°C with optional probe
Temp. compensation: Yes, manual or based on meusured value
Range rel. humidity: 0 - 100% with optional probe
Measuring range dew point: N / A
Measuring range EMC: N / A
Display: 3-digit Measuring presicion: ±0,1
Battery: 9V Compound batterie Self Test: Meter, battery, calibration
Data Hold ffunction: 256 measurement values memory
Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Weight: 260 Gram
Housing material: Shock-resistant plastic
Dimensions: 180 x 78 x 27mm
Other: FMPA approval, serial interface, PC evaluation
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