Jual Ziplevel Technidea PRO-2000 Altimeter

Darmatek Ziplevel Technidea PRO-2000 Altimeter

Jual Ziplevel Technidea PRO 2000 Altimeter

Unlike conventional instruments, ZIPLEVEL sets up in seconds rather than minutes, permitting one person to level and read elevations to within 0.1Ý regardless of distance – no lasers, sensors, rods, tripods, calculations, or line-of-sight needed! ZIPLEVEL consists of a base unit and a handheld measurement module connected by a rugged, flexible cord.

The cord transmits the elevation difference between the base unit and measurement module relative to a reference plane set by pressing the Zero key. Each press of the Zero key is equivalent to factory calibration of a conventional level, assuring accuracy each time.

Powerful built-in functions allow ZIPLEVEL to display readings in your favorite scale, measure over unlimited distances or elevations ( differential level) without calculations, display sea level elevations, set audible limits, average unlimited readings, or dump data to a PC for job site profiles, 3D maps, or topo maps.

Specifications Ziplevel Technidea PRO 2000 :

- Setup Vertical Range: 40' ( 20' above and below base unit) .
- Setup Horizontal Range: 200' circle ( 100' cord) .
- Functions: 16 + PC serial port.
- Scales: Inches, feet, and meters.
- Resolution: Reads to 0.1Ý , 1/ 8Ý , 0.01' , 2mm with ± 0.050Ý precision.
- Typical Isothermal Accuracy: Greater of 0.1Ý or 0.15% reading.
- Temperature Range: Storage, -40° F to + 158° F; Operating, -22° F to + 158° F.
- Drop Resistance: Measurement Module, 5' ; Base Unit, 3' .
- Power: 9V battery.
- Battery Life: One year of typical daily use.
- Memory: Settings and 137 readings saved indefinitely with or without battery.
- Dimensions: Measurement Module, 3.75Ý H x 4.75Ý W x 1.75Ý D; Base Unit, 16Ý H x 10.5Ý W x 7.5Ý D.
- Weight: 12 lbs.


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