Jual Siglent SDS-1102CFL Dual-Channel, 100MHz Bandwidth

Darmatek Jual Siglent SDS-1102CFL Dual-Channel, 100MHz Bandwidth Siglent SDS-1102CFL Dual-Channel 100MHz

Jual Siglent SDS1102CFL Digital Oscilloscope (Dual-Channel, 100MHz Bandwidth)

Dual-channel oscilloscope
100MHz bandwidth
Large 7 inch colour display


Siglent SDS1102CFL Dual-Channel Digital Oscilloscope (100MHz) Details :

This digital oscilloscope features bandwidth of up to 100MHz and is a dual-channel device designed to display and monitor digital signals represented as two waveforms at the same time.

The SDS1102 comes in a compact casing that’s 323mm x 157mm x 135mm (w x h x d), making it quite small for a bench-based oscilloscope. Inside of this small design there’s a whole lot of functionality both built into and on the outside of the device; on the external side there’s a large, 7-inch colour LCD display for monitoring waveforms, and internally there’s a great amount of sophisticated equipment for generating accurate results.

This product also features real time sampling rate of 1GSa/s (with equivalent sample rate of 50GSa/s) and memory depth of 12K. It also includes multiple trigger sources (CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5 and AC Line) and multiple trigger types (Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative).

Digital oscilloscopes in the CFL range of Siglent products are suitable for a wide variety of applications including:

Embedded electronic circuit design and testing
Mechanical and electrical product design and analysis
Educational and research purposes
Product quality control
Real-time signal display
Product testing
Circuit function testing

Features Siglent SDS1102CFL Digital Oscilloscope :

100MHz bandwidth
2 channel oscilloscope
1GSa/s real time sampling rate
Memory depth of 12k
Rise time of <3 .5ns="" br=""> Time base range of 5.0ns/div-50s/div
Vertical sensitivity of 2mV-5V/div
Vertical resolution: 8bit
Trigger sources: CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5 and AC Line
Trigger types of Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative
Mathematical operation: +, -, x, ÷ and FFT
Digital filters: high pass, low pass, band pass and band stop
Multiple-language interface: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Arabic
Double USB host, USB device, LAN, PASS/FAIL out
7-inch LCD-TFT colour display
Compatible with PC software that enables remote control/data analysis

Full List of Products Included :

Siglent SDS1102CFL Digital Oscilloscope
1:1/10:1 Probe (2x)
Power cable
Qualified certification
Guarantee card
CD (including Easyscope computer software system)
User Manual
USB Cable

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