Jual Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function Generator (30MHz, 125MSa/A, 16Kpts)

Darmatek Jual Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function Generator (30MHz, 125MSa/A, 16Kpts) Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function

Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function Generator

*Generates multiple waveform types
*Multiple adjustable advanced functions
*Compatible with PC

Description :

Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function Generator, 30MHz, 125MSa/A, 16Kpts Details Siglent's SDG-830 is a versatile function generator that can be used to create specific signals for use in a wide variety of different applications.

An upgraded version of the standard SDG805 arbitrary function generator, the SDG-830 can generate a maximum output frequency of 30MHz, features a single output channel, uses sampling rate of 125MSa/s (with 14 bit vertical resolution) and can produce sine, square, ramp, pulse, Gaussian noise and 46 built-in arbitrary waveforms (including DC).

The function generator also comes with a complete set of modulation functions - AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWN, Sweep and Burst - and supports the use of external trigger inputs. Generated waveforms are shown in real time on a high quality full colour 3.5" TFT-LCD display with built-in Chinese and English language options.
This arbitrary function generator is best suited to applications such as analogue sensors, simulation of environmental signals, circuit function testing, IC testing and researching/training applications.

Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function Generator Key Features:

*DDS technology
*Single channel output
*5 types of standard output waveform - singe, square, ramp, pulse and Gaussian noise
*46 built-in arbitary waveforms
*Complete set of modulation functions: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWN, Sweep and Burst *Abudant input/output: waveform output
*Synchronous signal output
*External trigger input
*USB device and USB host interfaces
*Supports remote control 3.5" full colour screen
*Chinese/English language options
*Online help function
*Supports arbitrary software
*Storage of up to 10 waveforms

What's Included?

Siglent SDG-830 Arbitrary Function Generator Quick Start Guide Software Power Cord USB Cable


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