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Jual Siglent SDG-1020 Arbitrary Function Generator

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Jual Siglent SDG-1020 Arbitrary Function Generator :

*Multiple waveform types
*125MSa/s frequency output
*Wave length of 16K

Description :

Siglent SDG1020 Arbitrary Function Generator Details

Siglent’s SDG1020 is a function generator that can be used to generate and output two signals at the same time in a variety of different waveforms.
This device is the mid-range model in Siglent’s SDG1000 series of function generators, and as such it is an improved version of previous models the SDG1005 and SDG1010.
The first improvement over the other models present in this tester is a bump in the overall maximum output frequency from 10mHz up to 20mHz. Since this is the case the maximum range of generated wave types also increases. Speaking of which, the SDG1020 can be used to generate sine, square, pulse, ramp, Gaussian white noise and arbitrary waves with various different ranges.
The ranges are:
  *Sine Wave - 1µHz – 20MHz
  *Square Wave - 1µHz –20MHz
  *Pulse - 500µHz – 5MHZ
  *Ramp – 1µHz – 300KHz
  *Gaussian White Noise – 20MHz bandwidth (-3db)
  *Arbitrary Wave - 1µHz – 5Mhz

The Siglent SDG1020 is suitable for use in multiple applications including analogue sensor, simulated environment signals, circuit function testing, IC testing and research and training.

Siglent SDG1020 Arbitrary Function Generator Key Features:

*Ideal for use in IC testing, analogue sensor and simulated environment signals
*Maximum output frequency of 20MHz
*125MSa/s sample rate
*14 bit vertical resolution
*Double output
*Output 5 types of standard waveform and internally stored 48 waveform types
*Abundant moderation function
*Sweep frequency output
*Pulse train output
*USB Device, USB Host, Support for U Disk storage and software and optional GPIB port
*Designed to integrate seamlessly with SDS1000 handheld digital oscilloscopes

Full List of Products Included:

*Siglent SDG1020 Arbitrary Function Generator
*User Manual
*Guarantee Card
*CD (Includes EasyWave 2.0 computer software)
*Power cord
*USB Cable


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