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Jual Mitutoyo 137-204 Tubular Micrometer

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Tubular Inside Micrometers Series 137

 - Extension Rod Type,Series 139
 - Extension Pipe type,Series 140
 - Extension Pipe Type,Series 137


Wide range of ID measurements by combining extension rods (pipes) and anvils with the micrometer head.
Carbide-tipped measuring faces are available. (series 137)
The 139 and 140 series use highly-durable/ large-diameter extension pipes.
Series 137 supplid in fitted plastic case except 1550mm/60in come in wooden case.
Series 139 supplied in fitted wooden case except 500mm/20in come in plastic case.
Series 140 supplied in fitted wooden case. 

Technical Data :

*n=Number of rod, L=Maximum measuring length (mm),
Fraction rounded up Graduation: 0.01mm or .001"
*with carbide tipped face

Country of Manufacture Japan
Manufacturer Mitutoyo
Type of Micrometer Tubular inside Ext Rod
Inside Micrometer Range 50-1000mm
Graduation .01mm
head_travel 13mm
Micrometer Accuracy 3+n+L/50 in microns
Measurement units Metric
Display Type Non-digital
Extension Rods 13mm, 25mm, 50mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, 200mm, 200mm, 300mm, 300mm


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