Jual Extech DT-300 Laser Distance 50 Meter

Darmatek Jual Extech DT-300 Laser Distance 50 Meter Extech DT-300 Laser Distance 50 Meter

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Features Extech DT-300 :

Durable design with ergonomic, handheld shape
Can recall up to 20 records from the past
Large backlit LCD screen for easy data referencing

Description Extech DT-300 Laser Distance Meter :

The Extech DT-300: Laser Distance Meter is a handheld laser measurement device that takes the guesswork out of deciphering the size or volume of a particular area. This portable laser distance meter can take measurements of an area from between 2 and 164 inches with accuracy of up to 0.06 inches at 32 feet. With the large LCD display on the device, you will be able to recall data from the past. You can store up to 20 records on the Extech distance meter, and if you want to store more, you will be able to transfer them to your computer.

The Extech DT-300: Laser Distance Meter also automatically calculates area and volume when the right settings are chosen, and indirect measurement can also be performed by using Pythagorean theorem. There are also new continuous measurement functions that comes with minimum and maximum distance tracking updates (twice a second). There’s an addition and subtraction feature for front or rear edge referencing, and the low battery indicator on the top left of the screen will tell you when you need to start considering recharging the device.

Purchasable with a carry case and two AAA batteries, the Extech meter is ready to go out of the box. The design is ergonomic, handheld and durable enough to be used in harsh working environments too, ensuring maximum accuracy even when you work in industrial areas where the device can be exposed to water and dust.

Features Extech DT300 Laser Distance Meter:

Measures from 2" to 164' (0.05 to 50m)
Historical Storage recalls the previous 20 records (measurements or calculated results)
Automatically calculates Area and Volume
Indirect measurement using Pythagorean theorem
Continuous measurement function with Min/Max distance tracking updates every 5 seconds Addition/Subtraction, Front or rear edge reference
Low battery indicator, Auto power off

Full List of Products Included :

Extech DT300 Laser Distance Meter, Carrying Case2 , AAA Batteries


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