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Jual Lightning Detector SkyScan P5

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Features & Applications SkyScan P5 :

The Skyscan Lightning Detector is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that provides valuable warning of approaching storms that are up to 40 miles away.

The unit also tracks the storm as it draws closer, giving you ample warning and information that enables you to clear the area or seek safety before the storm arrives. Users are alerted to nearby storms via an audible beep tone and by 4 LEDs ranged in miles, 0-3, 3-8, 8-20, 20-40. Users can also select their own distance ranges for triggering the alarm.

The unit is designed with a full digital microprocessor that is protected by a rugged weather-resistant housing.

Features SkyScan P5 :

Full digital microprocessor ensures accuracy and reliability
Can be powered by two 9V batteries, approximately 40-70 hours usage) ,
120V AC adapter, or by a 12V vehicle cigarette lighter
Low Battery Warning Light Rugged ABS body
Includes Belt Clip for portability
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
No External Antenna to install
Weight is only 12.5 ounces

Applications :

Little League teams
Golf courses
Recreational facilities
Use in any outdoor application


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